Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Sultan The Brave.

                                        Brave Leader!!!!

 Hi Guys Today the intresting article is about Sultan The Brave man.
Today i will tell you the main story of Tipu Sultan was a ruler of Mysore.
He was also known as Tiger of Mysore he was a great leader with great Qualities. He wrote many poems,as well as he was the eldest son of Haider Ali.
Haider Ali thought that his rise was due to the birth of his son. He loved his son very much and gave him the best possible education. At a very early age he learnt the Holy Quran from able teachers. This was followed by the study of other branches of knowledge. Well-learnt instructors taught him the martial arts of riding, shooting and fighting. His father also taught him the art of war. As a result Tipu Sultan acquired a life-long love for learning. He also proved to be a good general himself.

He was a great fighter too he fought against the British army as he suceeded
many time but at the last of his death,his traitors downed him from army side 
and British army captured Mysore and killed Tipu Sultans better than a hundred years' life of a Jackal.
He chose to fight till death in 1799. Thus the life of a great son of Islam ended. But he lives for ever as a martyr in the minds and hearts of the Muslims. Truly he is not dead because he laid down hi life for the cause of Islam.
One day of a lion's life was better than a hundred years' life of a Jackal.He chose to fight till death in 1799. Thus the life of a great son of Islam ended. But he lives for ever as a martyr in the minds and hearts of the Muslims. Truly he is not dead because he laid down hi life for the cause of Islam.
But After all people of Mysore lost their glory and power the Tiger of Mysore
He was a Brave leader and very well known in all India.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Be Aware!!

                                              Be Aware:

Guys Today the topic is be aware well the question is be aware but with who ?
I know you want to be aware with yourselves.
But what do you mean that?
Yea right question I mean that if you did many sins you had blame not on yourselves, your time, your god your closest one will this be pathetic yes it is
Well you know I am targeting religious peoples.
Ahan! I have an idea what exactly you have to do is to protect you from yourself but how yeah I will tell you how?
Firstly, take a deep breath and what are you feeling at this time when you are taking deep breaths. I know there is a word, nothing but if you realize that when you took  a deep breath you thought nothing see!! There is nothing.
But the main task is to protect you from yourself what exactly I am trying to say is protected from bad sins away from bad deeds, away from bad ideas
Don't support negativity in this world.
That's what I am trying to say hope you are getting my point I ain't against of you. But I am against of Zionist ideas.
Hope you like it,
Stay positive,
Do good deeds and help needy peoples.

Good Bye have a nice day.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Wake Up.

                                        Wake UP!!

 Today I am here to tell you to wake up guys  I am really serious
About you, what do you think?
Gives this world you a chance for your day of judgment.
I don't think so that could ridiculously if you are really sincere about your judgment, career you have to think by yourselves.
What the heck where are we going could you really think that these gamers will set your life how is this possible
When I think about the resurrection day I really scared about this, believe me, I don't where I have been going hope our Allah guide us and he is the only one who guide in our difficult time
And if you really think that you want to guide yourselves read Quran there is the guidance book and stay positive do good deeds help needy peoples and connect your phone to your GOD.
Who made you to help their people.



Guys The Equality
Which is found in only Islam, equality of women, men and others could you think that a maid is equal of His Queen kind a shocking Ahan??
But believe me this is true in Only the religion which is based on honesty, equals, brotherhood, kindness
Is Islam One and only.
Did you read the Quran?
I think you didn't. Did you read Holy Prophet Life?
Maybe you didn't, but I ensure you our religion stated that all men are equal, whether they are from every cast or from any kingdom, hence all are equal only the good deeds makes you a Good or bad man
Hope you are getting my point.
Hence,if you wanna read some thing good in your boring life read quran and understand it whether
you are from any religion but The religion Islam is for all and spread peace and show you a right and good way.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Well Known.

 A Well Known
 Well todays topic is well know let me think who is well known in this world thinking, think and think
Well, you can't because u know, but u are not remembered him, let me recall you A man who is most innocent in history a man who is most honest in history.
A man who never thought either of all humanity, neither of his friends nor of his closer ones but for all equally
            I think you are getting what I am trying to tell you and he is one and only yours and our last Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him)
Maybe your little bit disagree with me but believe this is true the name written on the U.S Court is Mohammed.
The name is written in best characters on the top of the list is our holy prophet Mohammed and I hope you will shock when I tell you the reality why name Mohammed is on the top the reason is not that he is last prophet, but the reason is his innocence, Honesty his loyalty his knowledge about science, he is well know his name is superior than other names his word are superior than other words his language is most superior
Than other languages believe me or not he is the only one who is superior in the whole mankind his body language teach us how to live in this world with respect.

His, book is more superior than other books
His land is more superior than other lands Well, if you want to read qualities of Islam read Quran
(Guidance) the Holy book.
Hope you get my point,
Bless You All readers,
Goodbye have a nice day.


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Guidance Error.

Guidance Error

Be Happy be joyful today the articles is about God that guide which was given by your parents/teachers/Friends/Anyone.But finally, if your parents/teachers
Didn't guide you. That's not problem the problem is you. So if you want to guide yourself
Read history books, religious matters and also Quran-e-Kareem.
Well, today I am not talking about who is you and your religion?
But, literally I am talking about your inner soul your good deeds your kindness if you think that you are able to guide you in each and everything not like perfect, but at least close to perfect hope you are understanding what I am trying to say what my strategy is?
Well, believe me, I am not supporting any religion just peace and brotherhood and good deeds well kindness too,
Wanna talk your creator what else you said your God, magnificent also a developer, you should hear your heart your mind what its
Said. Believe me, you will guide yourself soon this method is so easy and perfect. Whatever you belong from your religion, even you are atheist no worried, listen deeply in your heart you will find your way easily, but you need silence get ready in the morning and listen and talk with your own creator.
Hope You like my article,
God bless you.